The first two episodes consist of recordings of a swimming pool-robot. A swimming pool-cleaning robot, that I met in the morning on a camping in Italy.
I have watched its go-abouts extensively. I meditated on its logic. It is a logic which partly escapes my own. the swimming pool-robot is not a very new robot, it must be from the nineties and isn’t very advanced, which perhaps makes its whereabouts even more intriguing.
It made me hypothesize that perhaps anything having a logic – that is only understandable by itself and its creator – has a soul?
But then again I am the kind of person who can even feel feelings for my trash bag when it has been in my house for long enough and has a shape that calls on my sympathy… 
Not long ago, I used to be a rationalist, logic was my speciality. Then I discovered that there are as many logics as there are souls!


And now for a sound-scape of a video-edit (of shots by a human-held camera) following the logic of this swimming pool-robot!