The first two episodes consist of recordings of a swimming pool-robot. A swimming pool-cleaning robot, that I met in the morning on a camping in Italy.
I have watched its go-abouts extensively. I meditated on its logic. It is a logic which partly escapes my own. the swimming pool-robot is not a very new robot, it must be from the nineties and isn’t very advanced, which perhaps makes its whereabouts even more intriguing.
It made me hypothesize that perhaps anything having a logic – that is only understandable by itself and its creator – has a soul?
But then again I am the kind of person who can even feel feelings for my trash bag when it has been in my house for long enough and has a shape that calls on my sympathy… 
Not long ago, I used to be a rationalist, logic was my speciality. Then I discovered that there are as many logics as there are souls!


And now for a sound-scape of a video-edit (of shots by a human-held camera) following the logic of this swimming pool-robot! 

Suggestive information for re-interpretation

Suggestive information for re-interpretation

it’s said that the Furby, 
only became (relatively) adorable and sympathetic.
when it got the (artificial) ability to suffer when held upside down

when held upside down it would whine

Sisyphus was free
Sysyphus was 


Meditating is not or doesn’t need to be spiritual or philosophical. It simply means to marinate in an observation of something until questions come alive between the observed and observer. 

After marinating for longer then usual, it becomes rather impossible to discern if the observation says more about the observer or about the observed, it becomes a dance with a mutual logic.


Google plays waterfall sounds in its offices


Waterfall sounds are natural noise, a relatively randomly distributed spectrum of frequencies.

there will be a screening listening event of the swimming-pool-robot in Glasgow

Sunday on the 2nd of September. I highly recommend coming to the collective listening and watching event. The robot in its natural habitat has a grande Bellezza type of quality that can be hypnotizing or at least reflectively relaxing.

see you later alligator. 

The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus